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Installing ActiveX

Installing ActiveX is an easy endeavor that needs little time and effort. There are various ways to install ActiveX, on different platforms. It matters if the user is a thorough professional or a newbie. With a web browser running on Windows 9x or even a higher platform, installing is easy. All in all, ActiveX is an imperative component for individuals who intend to watch videos over the web and even downloading to a sas disk.

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What is ActiveX?

ActiveX is a set of Microsoft technologies providing a framework for software components. The program was built to offer support to various products like the Object linking and Embedding application and so on. It adds functionality to applications (software) thus enabling interactive content to function on the Internet. The software components are also referred to as ActiveX controls. Typically, it allows programs, websites, Microsoft Windows and applications to perform a vast number of operations in spite of the programming language used to build them.

It was built and promoted by Microsoft Corporation into the market. In 1996, Microsoft unveiled ActiveX as a hub component of Windows Operating System however, the technology has not been directly tied to the Operating System (OS). This technology began as OLE-object linking and embedding. The earlier editions of Windows by OLE made possible simple functions such as cut and paste between applications. Later, OLE evolved into COM (compound object Module). So to say COM became an advanced form of OLE. It is an individual module that can be accessed by Windows application.

Why download it?

A basic exemplar of a COM is the capability to insert and edit an Ms Word document in Ms Excel without the need to open the Word application to finish the task. Essentially, other ActiveX controls also called COMs features modules that operate within larger applications such as a word checker in Word. Since its inception, a range of Microsoft Applications has employed ActiveX controls to integrate their functionality. Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and Microsoft Visual Studio have features built by ActiveX controls within their programming.

Work made easy for developers

ActiveX controls are real milestones in the capacity to allow developers to build applications that function on the Internet itself by distribution through web browsers such as Internet Explorer. With ActiveX it is quite easy for developers to build innovative and interactive applications for the Internet. It is possible since it is supported by a range of tools and diverse languages. So to say, programmers will not have to begin coding from scratch since there are thousands of reusable controls availed by ActiveX today.

As a result of this, programmers and web developers can efficiently, quickly and easily build unique interactive websites. This enables a more pleasant and productive user experience. Moreover, ActiveX features both the client and server technologies required to facilitate an application to full operation. An instance of this is ActiveX documents which becomes a basic a functional ActiveX control technology. ActiveX documents allow many applications to enable non HTML documents to be viewed on the Internet in a website. Currently, ActiveX controls are employed a range of applications and offer a vast range of online features.